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About DBS

About DBS Application Development

Distinctive Business Solutions' team of experienced developers can build a variety of applications to meet your growing needs.  DBS has experience in a wide range of languages and platforms.  We can develop from scratch, modify existing applications, and translate outdated code to newer applications/languages.  We work with Open Source applications and have had great success adapting these applications to meet our customers' needs, delighting our customers with the time and cost savings.

App Features

Application Features

DBS utilizes Feature Driven Development and Scrum adaptive development methods.  We promote teamwork and assign responsibilities based on skill set but ensure that team members provide support and technical assistance to each other.  We utilize Scrum’s method of daily meetings to analyze progress, plan for change, and avoid surprises.  We also use Feature Driven Development methods to plan, design, build and test by feature.  We find that this keeps the project moving at a fast pace and breaks the project into easily manageable and understandable bites.  In addition, it allows us to show our customers a piece of the system before the system is complete.  As a result, misunderstandings or changes to requirements can be found early in the process.



The Distinctive Business Solutions leadership team has over 50 years experience managing IT projects.  We utilize the PMI methodologies and ensure that our customers are informed of our progress every step of the way.  Call us today to discuss your development needs, small or large, we are here to help you find the best solution for your organization. DBS experienced developers 

  • Design and develop new applications in a wide variety of platforms/languages
  • Convert old applications from outdated languages/systems
  • Integrate open source applications
  • Update/Modify existing applications in a wide variety of platforms/languages
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